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Admission Requirements

American Hair Academy is a private institution looking for exceptional students, who possess the desire and willingness to work hard in order to achieve their dreams. The Academy does not recruit students who have been admitted to or who are already attending another institution that offers similar programs of study. American Hair Academy reserves the right to change scheduled start dates and/or class schedule without prior notice.


The Process

To be considered for admission as a regular student to our program, a prospective student must complete the following requirements.


  • Schedule a campus visit to tour our facility and class observation, along with a career planning session with an admissions representative, this may be made by appointment. This will give the prospective student an opportunity to observe the school, inspect equipment and address any concerns or questions about the career interest. To schedule a visit please call, (319) 219-6248.

  • Mail or bring in an application for enrollment along with the $95.00 application fee (nonrefundable).

  • Must be a High School graduate, or have obtained a General Education Development (GED) certificate. Students who have been home schooled may be eligible for enrollment if they meet the standards under state law and if they are beyond the age of compulsory education.

  • All foreign diplomas’ are acceptable as long as the diploma is equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma and must have the credentials evaluated by an Evaluation company who offers this service.

  • Submit a copy of the application form indicating which of the five class start dates you wish to attend

  • A letter of acceptance will be sent to o as soon as all needed information is received by American Hair Academy and it is determined that you meet the requirements of our program. In the event the class is filled your application would automatically be accepted for the following start date.

  • All previous loans are current, if student is in default they must make 9 on-time payments within 10 months or paid in full in order to be eligible for enrollment.



AHA does not provide housing for enrolled students. However, there are rental facilities in the area to serve the student population.

                                          Graduation Requirements

Prior to a student’s graduation, an online “exit interview” must be completed (see Financial aid office for assistance). In the event the online exit interview is down, a paper form will be required. It is the student’s

responsibility to ensure that all of his/her exams, curriculum, diploma examination and other assignments are completed and to ensure that his or her financial obligations have been met prior to completion of his/her hours and exams. Failure to comply with payment agreement will deem the student to be in default and subject to all reasonable collection charges and/or attorney fees.


To graduate and receive diploma from American Hair Academy the following are required:

  1. Complete a minimum of the documented hours for the contracted course of study as required by the State of Iowa and/or American Hair Academy whichever is higher.

  2. Complete all examinations, both written and practical and complete all assignments.

  3. Achieve a minimum cumulative average of 75% in practical and theory.

  4. Pass diploma examination with a minimum score of 75%.

  5. Fulfill all financial obligations to the Academy as stipulated in the enrollment agreement (contract), payment schedules.


*American Hair Academy reserves the right to require students to pass licensing exam to receive  

  completion certificate, in circumstances where early testing is allowed while student is still in attendance.

**All students must complete a school exit interview, and any student receiving Financial Aid must

     complete a Financial Aid exit counseling interview.


Diploma Award

Upon successful completion of the above graduation requirements the student will be issued a diploma from American Hair Academy.

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