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About American Hair Academy

Our Mission

American Hair Academy is owned by Lori Ann LTD. Our MISSION STATEMENT is to provide a quality education in the field of cosmetology so that the graduate has the skills needed to have a rewarding, successful career as a cosmetologist. Our goal is to train students to successfully pass all required certification or state license exams, to provide up-to-date training, information, and industry best practices, to teach professionalism to each student, and to provide placement services that assist students find gainful employment opportunities in the field of cosmetology.

American Hair Academy is here to assist its students to confidently and professionally exceed employer’s expectations or lead their own successful business. You will be given the knowledge to excel in any situation and know to understand the essence of the cosmetology profession and to care for the individual clients you serve.


American Hair Academy uses Pivot Point textbooks and LAB digital platform to enable students to become industry professionals in many areas. American Hair Academy’s teaching and learning methods help students achieve dreams, accomplish goals and grab opportunities.

Mission statement for American Hair Academy - to provide a quality education in te field of cosmetology to that the graduate has the skills for a successful career.

Meet Our Students

Class schedule

term starts       term ends   

   01-09-24      04-06-24

   04-02-24      06-29-24

   06-04-24      08-31-24

  08-06-24      11-02-24

  10-01-24       01-04-25

School hours are:

Tuesday through Friday  8:00 to 4:30

(students schedule appointments from 9;00 to 3:45)

Saturday   8:00 to 1:00

(all work is performed by supervised students)

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